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Our Mission Statement 

Layvetems is devoted and committed to the well-being of animals, advanced veterinary training and techniques, and the accurate use of specific types of equipment. Experience in certain fields and confidence in performing a wide array of high level veterinary surgical, diagnostic, and endoscopic procedures allows Layvetems to help many patients. We consider Layvetems a possible extension of the family veterinarian, and we work closely with them to provide additional advanced diagnostics and procedures. Layvetems has the goal and commitment to provide pet owners and their veterinarians access to the procedures we offer in a competent and affordable manner.

Layvetems core values that make up the basis for what we do.

Compassionate approach- we have feelings and show empathy toward our patients, their families, and our associates and employees.

Quality- we strive to set the standard for all aspects of our patients care, client service, referring veterinarian communication. We are dedicated to being the best we can in all we do.

Ethics- we keep a strong moral outlook for the best interests of our patients, their families, and our employees.

Knowledge and experience- we possess a strong goal of learning, improving, and developing. The fact that medicine and surgery is constantly evolving, makes Layvetems always strive to meet or exceed the current standards of veterinary care.

Communication- as animal lovers ourselves we understand the emotion and concern that goes with a sick or injured pet. We strive to provide each patient and family with a compassionate and accurate assessment of their pets medical condition, an honest evaluation regarding the anticipated success of the procedure or operation, and a prognosis. Teaching, learning, consulting with colleagues and team members, showing a high level of respect, and to establish and expand the use of best practices are all part of our approach.

Collaboration- our goal is to embrace learning, teaching, and consulting with colleagues and team members with the highest level of respect, and to establish and expand the use of best practices, surgery, and medicine. This includes discussing solutions within and beyond the team to provide the best chance for positive outcomes.

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