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Connect With Us 

Here at Lay Veterinary Endoscopy, Medical & Surgical Svcs., we understand that you want excellent health and care for your furry family companions. 

To request our veterinary care services, contact us via email or phone. Layvetems requires that you use the below online contact submission form as well. 

Contact Information

Lay Veterinary Endoscopy, Medical & Surgical Svcs.

Phone: 903-335-3035


Service Area 

 Northeast, Texas

If you are an owner contacting us directly 

please be sure we get all information about

your pet. This will include name, birthdate, breed, sex, color, and weight. 

Also provide and arrange for us to get any 

notes, treatments, radiographs and images,

and any other pertinent information about your pet and the issue being presented.

Inquiry Form

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